Sober living is really the best

It’s crazy how sobriety opens up a whole new world and that it’s mostly crazy good. I used to think that drinking helped me cope. It didn’t. It actually lengthened the bad days and made it 100 times worse. This seems like common sense (which I’ll admit, I’ve always lacked) but this newfound deeply settled belief is amazing. 

The last time I wrote on here, my heart was broken. It was a hard time but I got through it and to my surprise things are really good again, although different. 

I think the best thing I’ve learned is that the mundaneness of the early days of sobriety really do add up to joy filled serenity and peace. There’s something really awesome about doing really hard things and not giving in. We who are sober now certainly don’t come up from such a pit with empty hands and hearts. Instead, we know a little bit more about overcoming some really hard stuff and the beauty of healing. I think that’s pretty cool. ❤ Day 136 ☺️


14 thoughts on “Sober living is really the best

  1. Amen. 136!! An awesome accomplishment. One deserving a big pat on the back; particularly for not using your recent heart break as an excuse to relapse. That is really saying something!!! You got grit. Keep going one day at a time.

    God Bless.

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  2. It’s wonderful to read how you’re discovering the sober life as the way to live. We have so many different reasons and ways that we get to this point. But we share and hold each other up. I’m sorry for the heart-break. But, the fact that you’re sober in spite of it is a win.

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  3. Well said. I love it. It’s not like we are doing earth-shattering things every moment. Sometimes just folding the laundry and getting my kids to school is the highlight of my day…ha ha. But I do it sober and I am happy. Thank you for this.

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